What a Great Feeling to just think of any Sports!

More so when the sport is your favourite and you participate and enjoy in all its vibes! We are mesmerized and Inspired by the Great Legends in Sports who not only achieved personal eminence but also elevated the sports to highest glory.

Dhyan Chand's genius in Hockey, Bradman's brilliance in Cricket, Jesse Owen's Olympic Performance in Athletics, Bob Beamon's birdlike flying long jump,P.T.Usha's indomitable performance, Pele's bicycle kick, Phelps 21 medal tally and we can go on and on.

We would like to be part of this celebrations


Good Feelings is our cherished endeavour and dedicated to the human resource transformation, empowerment and enrichment through right education and practices.

Sports mind coaching is one of our creations towards this direction.

Our Vision

To ensure young sports stars shine in the world of sports and bring glory to our country.

Our Mission

Help as many budding champions as possible and support team to build tougher mind to attain greater goals.

Our Values

Follow spirit of sports in the face of extreme challenges and compelling temptations.